Spotlight Blog #2 – Memory

When studying for tests/exams students tend to either cram the night before, study over a set period of time before the day comes, or don’t study anything at all. Students can fall into any of these choices and that all depends on their study habits/skills.

When it comes to college students may sites offer different advice for studying habits. The site I chose to look at is to see what tips they offer. The one I took the most to heart is there “Take a Break” section. They say it’s good to take a 10 min break after an hour of studying. They also say to limit the use of computers and social media and we tend to get distracted by these things. I can see this helping out, but some people are better off studying for hours with little to no breaks because they retain the information better that way.

High school students can have the same problems as others when it comes to studying, but they might be limited on their time if they’re dedicated to sports or other after-school activities. The source I found for these tips comes from The one point that caught my eye was the very first one they list. They say to study alone if you don’t have friends that are super-serious about studying, but some people are able to study better in a group even if they get sidetracked. I can see the benefits of studying alone because you can focus into what you need to learn more and spread your time across the entire session. I still think studying with a group is better because you can ask questions if you don’t fully understand notes or a certain term.

Parents might have issues relating to their children on how to study their school work. The site I chose to look at is which is a blog site that offers other information for parents and educators. The one point I picked out of these is “Teach your child to ask for help”. If parents don’t tell their children to ask for help when they need it, then they won’t be able to advance further with their studies because they don’t fully understand the topics they cover. I remember when I was younger, I was told to ask for help if I ever needed it for my assignments and other things I needed help with. I fully encourage this tip for parents everywhere to use on their children.

These sites are just a small selection of the ones I found searching. If you don’t like the tips in these sites then a good google search will lead you other sites with tips that you may find more to your liking. Hope these tips are able to help someone out with there study habits and I know some of these tips can help me out with studying my material.


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