Chapter 3 First Impression: Drugs

When thinking about certain drugs and how many stories you hear about the misuse of them, many often think that most if not all drugs are nothing but bad. There are drugs out there that if misused constantly, then many will think all drugs are misused and fear for their families safety. When you take the time and look at the facts floating around at there, you see than there are many drugs that help more than hurt the consumers.

One drug I see come up as a drug that should be used more often is Marijuana. Many claim that if more states get access to this drug, then things would be easier for patients suffering from extreme pain and the standard civilian. I do see the positives for marijuana and how they can and are helpful to patients who are suffering from extreme pains from surgery or a symptom they have no control over. I’m a bit more worried about allowing marijuana being available to the general public because you never know what the dealers are doing to the drugs.

The people who end up selling this drug could mix is with something else that could hurt the people using it. The people who use it recreationally may not notice anything wrong with it and keep using it without knowing the danger they might be in. This can cause trouble for both the market and how other look at the usage of this drug. The market could be affected by the lesser amount bought because of the issues of merchants mixing other drugs into the marijuana. The people in charge of distributing the drugs would need to take better care to make sure that the people they are sending it to are trustworthy. Others who notice this would also change their minds on the subject because of it. They would take a look and make sure they still support the use of it recreationally. Once they figure out how they feel about this, they can make their choice to support this longer or give it no more support.

Hopefully more people and more people take time to look for information to form their own opinion and not let other sway their thoughts. As long as we can do this, then we can be more proactive with this and make sure it’s how we want it to go.


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  1. Marijuana can have both positive and negative effects. Though, many may not agree with the recreational effect because of the harmful side effects that can occur with the use of it. Marijuana can lead to a greater risk of addiction, anxiety and depression. There is also research being done the marijuana can cause on cognition, as there is evidence the it can cause a disruption in the development in memories. When it comes to recreational use of marijuana however, there is a synthetic version that has more severe side effects, including seizures, suicidal events and thoughts, and even hallucinations.
    Medical marijuana however, like you stated can be understood and most likely to be good to legalize as it can help those that are suffering or in pain due to a surgery or symptoms of a disease. Though, there should be some policies that go into place if medical marijuana is legalized. One of those should that the only way that it can be put into the system is through medical inhalers. This will help to decrease negative side effects in the future for the patient as it will decrease the amount of smoke that will build up in the lung. This can also help to decrease the chance of lung cancer in their future.


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